Ground Turkish Coffee - Abdullah Efendi - 100gr pack
Ground Turkish Coffee - Abdullah Efendi - 100gr pack

Ground Turkish Coffee - Abdullah Efendi - 100gr pack

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Turkish Traditional Coffee 100gr by Abdullah Efendi

Net weight: 100gr

Turkish coffee beans Turkish coffee beans, Turkish coffee pots ("cezve") and Turkish coffee cups (and "fincan"), and optionally, if you want grind the beans, Turkish coffee grinders ("kahve degirmeni") "). Note that Turkish coffee requires extra fine ground coffee which some electrical grinders fail to produce. To make Turkish coffee:

 1. Pour in cold water in the coffee pot. You should use one cup of cold water for each cup and add an extra half cup "for the pot". Add a teaspoonful of the ground Turkish coffee per cup in the water while the water is cold and stir. The amount of coffee may vary, but do not forget, there will be a coffee layer left at the bottom of Turkish coffee. Do not fill the pot too much. If you need to add sugar this is the time to do it.

 2. Heat the pot as slowly as you can. The slower the heat is the better it. Make sure you watch it prevent overflowing when the coffee boils. (or best make in Sinbo electric coffee maker)

3. When the water boils pour some (not all) of the coffee between the cups, filling each cup about a quarter of the way. This will make sure everyone gets a fair share of the foam. Continue heating until coffee boils again (which will be short now that it has already boiled). Then distribute the rest of the coffee between the cups.

Since there is no filtering or coffee at any time during this process, you should have coffee at the bottom of the cup.

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