It can happen that an article, despite our good care, does not meet your expectations. That the color is not your taste, that deviates a size from what you had in mind or that a gift is just not the right article.

At BanuChai we understand that and we offer you the opportunity to exchange the item or simply return it. You will then receive the right product or your money back. To register a return you have 14 calendar days from the moment your order is delivered by us at the delivery point chosen by you. Then you have 14 calendar days to return it to us.

Pack the unused, undamaged item - if possible - in the original packaging, frank the package and send it to us. Unfortunately, we can not reimburse these return postage costs. You will always receive the full purchase amount (including the shipping costs ')' back to your account within 14 calendar days. Or we send the replacement article immediately.

Can I return a received order?
Yes, that is possible for all our stock items. Within two weeks of receiving an item, you can register this at BanuChai as a return. Then you have 14 days to return it. For this the article and the packaging must be 'as new', so that it can be sold again. The costs for this return shipment are for the customer, the full purchase price is then refunded by BanuChai within 14 days. A return form is included with every shipment, but you can also download it here: Return form

Will I then also receive the shipping costs?
Yes, when you return the entire order, you will be refunded the costs of the order and the shipping costs as stated on the purchase invoice.
If you keep one or more items from the order, you will only get the costs of the rest of the order back, not the shipping costs.

What should I do if an item has been damaged?
The risk of transport damage lies with BanuChai, we solve it. Send us an email ( containing the complaint about the damage, please do so with a photo of the packaging and the damaged article, otherwise we can not handle your complaint. We ensure that you get the article delivered again as soon as possible.

I received the wrong article, now what?
We find that very annoying ... When you email us with the exact complaint and an accompanying photo of the incorrect article, we ensure that you receive the correct article as soon as possible. The wrong article may be returned to the sender so that we pay the shipping costs.

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