"Dirty" Chai Latte Espresso
"Dirty" Chai Latte Espresso
"Dirty" Chai Latte Espresso

"Dirty" Chai Latte Espresso

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Chai Tea and Espresso is a bitter-sweet infusion of espresso, black tea and a secret blend of exotic herbs for a delicious pick me up that provides just the energy boost you need.

We call it dirty because it is a mix of coffee and tea .... but it works amazingly well together!

You can make it with hot water or milk, but it also tastes delicious as an ice-cold frappe.

Pure inspiration

Our product is 100% natural and without preservatives, dyes and 98% fat free *.

Black Tea contains natural anti-oxidants, which can help to keep your immune system up to standard and healthy

* 98% fat free, provided you make the coffee according to our instructions with water.

Available in a 240 gram (approx. 12 portions).

Dirty chai is a popular coffee shop drink. It's an espresso drink made of a shot or espresso mixed with 'chai spice '. It's usually made with a chai  and espresso. It is a mid-point between a regular latte and a chai XNUMX cups milk

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